Reiki Second Degree

Reiki II

 The second degree of Reiki is the practitioner level.  This is only for those students that have taken Reiki one and wish to further their studies.  At the practitioner level we take our Reiki Practice from friends and family, and open our practice to the public.

  The student will learn:

  • Second Degree Reiki Symbols.
  • Distance/Remote treatments.
  • Healing unwanted habits.
  • Deepen Meditation and Intuitive practice.
  • Building your Reiki Practice.
  • Reiki Laws in California.

Course Includes:

  • Course Outline.
  • Second Degree Attunement.
  • Second Degree Certificate

Reiki Second Degree is 1 four-hour and 1 six-hour intense training course - $200