In Person Treatments

How To Receive Treatment

 As a client you will remain fully clothed for the entire session.  Wear comfortable clothing and easy to remove foot wear.  You will lie face up on the practitioners Reiki table.  Notify your practitioner of any discomfort. 

What To Expect From Your Practitioner

 Your practitioner will walk you through the steps of the session and answer any questions you my have.  He or she my ask you a few question mainly regarding reason for the visit. 

What To Expect From The Treatment

 Know that every client is different, some feel the energy strongly and others my feel nothing at all.  Know weather you have a mind blowing experience or not, Reiki is working for you to your highest and best good. 

Hand Placement

 Your Reiki practitioner will at some point place their hands on your body in various places such as; head, neck, arms, abdomen, legs, and feet.  If any of these places make you feel uncomfortable please notify your practitioner and they will adjust to your needs.